I have used for quite a while a prepaid cloud at serverloft which was actually a nice concept but they terminated the service. Then i switched to google could. Google cloud is reasonable of using computing capacity; specially for long lasting computations, but it still costs money even thought you are not using it.

The problem starts when you like to cluster a few nodes since for this purpose you need to rely on IP based communication for fast synchronisation between these nodes.  Since my main interest is to get used to the x86 server harsware i decided to setup a small cluster.

The Hardware

A home data center is not comparable with a commercial data center since i don't have a dedicated room with air conditioning to install the hardware. This means noise and heat are a considerable challenges since the typical server hardware is not build for the environment shown in the picture above.

In order to solve the noise problem is ordered a small 9 inch rack with a decent noise isolation. Frankly speaking the accustic isolation makes the noise only acceptable but does not absorb it completely. The small rack has at the top a regulated fan which creates a considerable noise when it is turned on.