The purpose of the experiment portal is to present data which has been elaborated in previous experiments. Currently only the data taken by the Muon Coincendece Experiment is available.

The structure/deployment of the current Muon Coincident Experiment is shown in the picture below:

The detector setup is collecting the measurement data; the so called frontend collects the data and send them every 15 minutes to the so called backend. The backend is a web server which exposes on one hand an REST interface which allows to retrieve data from the database server or to store measurement data!

During the cause of setting this up i have tested two technologies to build the site. Either completley Microsoft based using Razor and using  Node.js / Express based implementation. THe current implementatuion is using nodejs only and  a database server in the Azure environemnt.

The Portal: http://michaelslab-muon-fe.azurewebsites.net/
All Source Code: https://github.com/merdmann/muonexp