In this section you will find the summaries of experiments i have done in my spare time.

Since these summaries are showing up here after some time the an  experiment program has finished, it might be interesting to follow my lab diary at blogspot in order get a preview on what is going on.




  • Speed of light
    In this project the speed of light is measured indirectly by measuring the wave length for a given frequency in the lecher line.
  • Muon Detector
    IIn this experiment two PMT's are connected in a correlation detector setup. The dependency of the correlation count on the tilt of the detector has been measured.
  • Daily Muon Count
    The Muon Detector experiment stored its daily measurement data in a database at google. The contents of the data base is avaiable to the public.
  • Wave Optics
    The intention of this experiment has been to prove the feasibility of wave optic experiments with a limited budget.



This gallery shows you some pictures which have been done during the projects.