IN 2016 in decidet to join the Nasa Space App Heckerthon. I was rather late and at the day before the event it turned out there is no event in Berlin, which was rather sad since the Hackerthon live to a good deal from having all people at the same site.

SInce i it was weeekend anyway i decided to take the challanges of https://2016.spaceappschallenge.org and it turned out that the majority of challenges is related to Biology and what i would call geography. Sitting at home i just half of the fun of a Hackerthon. It is rather difficult to take some data from some NASA servers and elaborate on it without having a simple way of to visualize the data to verify your expections and to create some app from it. So basically i was busy the first day with some ways of visualisation. After getting a bit familiar with the data i was busy on the second day to findd a decent way of presenting the data.

What i found a bit difficult to find out the rules of engagement: but we got some kind of chat tool and a contact person which was really helpfull in finding the way arround. 

Doing it alone from home is stupid idea because you cant distribute your workload but the topics have been interesting. It is important thay you keep some time to make a presentation about your project which is more important then  having some executable code at the end.