On this page you will find some of my software language projects. The intention of these projects is most of the case to evaluate the usability of these language for my personal use. In the past i have been done pure software projects, like support libraries, but while starting the hopeless projects the priorities have changed from pure software to the application of software in the hopeless projects.


Some years ago i encountered Ada (Ada 95) which is for my opinion one of the well designed languages i have ever encountered. I have spend some time on applying this language to various topics like databases, physical simulations and a lot utility stuff. Mean while these projects are a not developed further since my priorities have changed in favor of the software which is needed for my hopeless projects. But any way the results of these projects might be interesting for you.



Lisp and Scheme

Personally i still like lisp because of it's syntactic simplicity. Since i have maintained my lisp projects in the past in a rather crude way i will need some time to make them available here again.




Since i am using Java in my professional life i decided not to use only if i need to since there are plenty of alternatives. Any way here you will find a few evaluation projects in this section.





Ocaml has recently shown up on my screen because articles in the ACM Queue. Ocaml is the implementation of an environment for caml. Currently i have no serious application for it but i have done some evaluation programs. Honestly speaking my evaluation program are laking the right caml spirit.