Most of my projects require extensive usage of elektronics, process control and computing i am using a few interesting tools i want to share here. I know that this is to a large extend a question of personal style but i think it might be interesting for other people as well.

Desktop Tools

I am using Windows 8.1 Pro on all my desktop machines including my netbook. These machines have been updated meanwhile to Windows 10 without any major issue..

I addtion i am installĂ­ng the following tools on all Windows boxes:

  • MyFolder
  • MinGW
  • Console2
  • XMarks
  • ESET
  • OneNote
  • RocketDock
  • LastPass
  • Google Drive
  • SourceTree and Git
  • LibreOffice
  • Sublime Text

Process Control

I am using in most of the cases the PoSC from Cypress since these controllers contain a large variety of configurable digitial and analog circuits. Programing can be done in C which makes with a reasonable memory footpring.

Programing the hardware and writing the software done by using the so called PSOC Designer from Cypress which runs on Windows only.

Electronic Schematics

In order to create schematics of electronic circuits i am using DesignSpark PCB. Fortunately this tool is free for customers of RS online; otherwise i would have used fritzing.

It allows to create schematics, pcb layyouts from the schematics and 3D views.


Managing Projects

In order to organize the contents of a complete projects i am using Zotero. It allows me to agregate all stuff like pdf files, web links and other artefacts into one project.